The establishment of HRDF Outplacement Centre (HRDF OC) is a Government initiative to enhance the employability of Malaysian retrenched workers. Under this initiative, Malaysian workers that were retrenched will be equipped with the required additional industrial skills or qualifications to enable them to be re-employed that may continuously support their well-being after the loss of employment. This is in line with one of the measures stated in the Eleventh Malaysia Plan 2016-2020; to empower human capital through a quality workforce and to improve the employability of the workforce.

The objectives of the establishment of HRDF Outplacement Centre are:
• To act as a one-stop centre for Malaysian retrenched workers to gain employment.

• The centre is primarily meant to assist retrenched workers by up-skilling or reskilling them with the required competencies to enhance their employability and assisting them to secure employment either within the same or different industries; and

• To reduce the burden of retrenched workers by providing them with advisory support on career counselling and planning, platform for job applications and job matching through HRDF OC’s portal and mobile application as well as to prepare them for the next career.

The services of HRDF OC are open to all Malaysian workers who have been retrenched due to economic downturn. However, the training initiative is only extended to employees who have been retrenched by HRDF registered employers and industries covered under HRDF Act.

Employees who were terminated due to disciplinary actions are not qualified for the services rendered under HRDF OC.

The services offered by HRDF Outplacement Centre are as follows:

  1. 1. Job Portal and Mobile application
  2. The HRDF OC Job Portal is an informative portal that has been developed to help the target demographics (all retrenched Malaysian employees from both HRDF and non-HRDF registered employers) to gain latest information related to retrenchment issues and works as a platform to gain employment opportunities.
    HRDF OC also introduced its mobile application for users to receive updates on retrenchment and employment to help them with their re-employment planning.

  3. 2. Counselling
  4. Systematic and professional services rendered by our counsellors will be provided to retrenched workers to help manage trauma, self-assessment, defining career goals, and planning for next employment, as well as identifying skills gaps in order to gain new employment opportunity. Our counsellors are responsible for matching with available job vacancies that would provide immediate employment for the retrenched workers.

  5. 3. Training
  6. This service is only extended for workers who have been retrenched by HRDF registered employers and industries covered under HRDF Act. Types of courses offered under the HRDF OC are mainly focused on up-skilling and re-skilling; meeting the needs of the industries and matched with the skills required for specific jobs available in the market.
    Training/courses would enhance the employability. Skill gap assessment tools will be performed on each of the retrenched worker to determine the relevancy of training courses with the job offered by the employers.

  7. 4. Job Placement
  8. The HRDF OC Job Portal is the main platform for job placement and it is accessible by retrenched Malaysian workers and employers who wish to advertise job vacancies to the market.
    The HRDF OC’s Job Placement Team is in charge to guide and assist applicants to find job opportunities through collaboration with employers, the public and private employment agencies as well as through job advertisements on the local print and electronic media.


For further information please visit or contact us at:

Ministry of Human Resources,
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50490, Kuala Lumpur.






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