Section 1: General
  1. 1) Purpose
  2. The purpose of this guideline is to inform the employers, retrenched workers and appointed training providers on the procedure and implementation mechanism under the HRDF Outplacement Centre.

  3. 2) Objective
  4. The objectives of the establishment of HRDF Outplacement Centre are:

    2.1 To act as a one-stop centre for Malaysian retrenched workers. The centre is primarily meant to assist retrenched workers by up-skilling or reskilling them with the required competencies to enhance their employability and assisting them to secure employment either within the same or different industries.

    2.2 To reduce the burden of retrenched workers in terms of providing them with advisory support on career counselling, planning and to be a platform on job applications using our portal and matching as well as to prepare them for the next career.

Section 2: Services Offered
    3.1 The services offered under the HRDF Outplacement Centre are as follow:

  1. 3.1.1) Portal
  2. The Outplacement Portal is an informative portal that has been developed to help the retrenched workers to gain information related to recent retrenchment issues, training opportunity and as a platform to gain employment opportunities. This portal is to make a user-friendly platform and portal will be linked to any mobile application where retrenched workers can have full access to the current retrenchment and employment information to plan for their reemployment.

  3. 3.1.2) Counselling
  4. Systematic and professional services will be provided to retrenched workers to help manage trauma, self-assessment, define career goals, making a plans for next employment, identify skills gaps in order to gain new employment opportunity. Our counsellors are also responsible for matching with available job vacancies that would provide immediate employment for the retrenched workers.

  5. 3.1.3) Training
  6. Types of courses to be offered under the HRDF Outplacement Centre are mainly focused on up-skilling and re-skilling and all training should be relevant to the job placement offered. Mainly, the training offered by HRDF Outplacement Centre will be tailored and matched with the skills required for specific jobs available in the market. Training/courses would optimise employability of the retrenched workers and will be given priority. Skill gap assessment needs to be done for each of the retrenched workers to determine the relevancy of training courses with the job offered by the employers. This service only extended to Malaysian workers who have been retrenched by HRDF registered employers.

  7. 3.1.4) Job Placement
  8. The centre will act as main platform for retrenched workers to help access for job opportunities available in the market. Employers may also advertise available jobs vacancies in their company. Retrenched workers registered in the portal would be linked to the Mobile Apps and they will be receiving information on job advertised in the portal based on their preference. The Job Placement Team will be responsible for guiding them thru available jobs. Job Placement Team is also responsible for finding job opportunities through collaboration with employers, public and private employment agencies as well as job advertisement that available in newspaper/online.

    3.2 The process flow for operation of HRDF Outplacement Centre is as follows:


  2. 4.1 All retrenched workers required to register in portal before obtaining any services under the HRDF Outplacement Centre.

    4.2 Upon registration in the portal, the system will automatically send an email notification to download the application (Mobile Apps) to have direct access to job available in the portal. Below are the registration steps of retrenched workers in the portal:


  2. 5.1 The HRDF Outplacement Centre Portal is also a platform to enable employers to advertise and find suitable workers among retrenched workers. Employers need to sign up and key-in details information of available vacancies in their company.

    5.2 Job vacancies advertised in the portal will be automatically matched with the preferred position and qualification of retrenched workers. Retrenched workers will be receiving job notification that advertised in the portal through their e-mail or Mobile Apps. Retrenched workers, who are interested in the post, will send their resume directly to the employer for further process to apply for the post.

    5.3 Employers also could directly contact candidates that match their qualifications and skill required and makes an appointment for interview session. As a registered member to the portal employers could be able to view, edit or delete ads vacancies advertised in the portal.


  2. 6.1 Retrenched workers who are not able to find employment may request for counselling services via portal. Retrenched workers will receive the e-mail notification upon registration in the portal to confirm their registration. An e-mail notification will be sent every 10, 15 and 30 days to notify them on the counselling services offered by the HRDF Outplacement Centre. Retrenched workers need to reply thru e-mail link to request counselling services upon receiving the notification.

    6.2 Upon receiving the request for counselling services, counsellors will contact the retrenched workers within three (3) working days to arrange for the counselling session.

    6.3 During the counselling session, retrenched workers will be assessed to identify their skills gap and if they have no skills gap related to job offered, they will be guided and assisted by Job Placement Team for direct job placement. Retrenched workers with skills gap will be referred and suggested to attend a specific training based on competency required to perform the job offered.


  2. 7.1 The target group for training is Malaysian workers who have been retrenched by the HRDF registered employers.

    7.2 Employees who were terminated due to disciplinary actions by their employers are not qualified for training under this initiative.


  2. 8.1 Appointed training providers are HRDF registered training provider and have sufficient equipment and qualified instructors to implement the training.

    8.2 Appointed training providers are responsible to get job placement / employment for trainee upon completion of training.


  2. 9.1 Courses that will be offered under the HRDF Outplacement Centre is re-skilling and up-skilling courses related to the skills gap of retrenched workers based on the job offered by the HRDF registered employers.

    9.2 Training providers could also advise and propose any training courses that related to the skills required to perform job offered by the HRDF registered employer, to be considered by PSMB.

    9.3 The training duration shall not exceed more than three (3) months.


  2. 10.1 Training must be conducted as a full-time basis since the trainees are currently unemployed and need to be conducted at the training room.

  1. 11. TRAINERS

  2. 11.1 The trainers who were appointed to train the trainees under this programme must be an experienced trainer and recognised qualifications.


  2. 12.1 Training provider are required to submit the training proposal to PSMB that include the following information:
    i) Training provider information;
    ii) Details of the retrenched workers;
    iii) Details of job placement;
    iv) Competency assessment form;
    v) Course details;
    vi) Course content;
    vii) Schedule of price; and
    viii) Trainer’s profile.

    12.2 Please refer format of the proposal (Appendix A,B,C,D,E).

    12.3 The proposal will be evaluated by the secretariat before to be tabled in the Selection Committee for approval.


  2. 13.1 Retrenched workers are required to complete the Application Forms (PSMB/SP-OC/1/16) and submit to approved training providers. Training providers needs to compile all information of trainee to be trained and attached with relevant supporting documents as stated below:
    i) A copy of MyKAD (Identity Card);
    ii) A letter of retrenchment or Letter from nearest Labour Office to prove that he/she has been retrenched;
    iii) Skills Assessment Form of each retrenched workers; and
    iv) Letter of intent (LOI) from the HRDF registered employers who hiring the retrenched workers.

    13.2 Training providers are required to key in and submit trainees’ information into HRDF’s online system within seven (7) working days before the commencement of training. Training providers are advised to key in and submit the applications early to ensure approvals would be given before commencement of the class.

    13.3 Training providers must ensure that information of the trainees keyed into the system is accurate, particularly the name, MyID number and MYCOID of the HRDF registered employers. Training providers are advised to verify the MYCOID with the employers before keyed into the system. Any insufficient supporting documents may cause delay in for approval process.

    13.4 The applications will be queried if the details and supporting documents of the trainees are not complete. Training providers need to reply to the queried application before the commencement of the training. PSMB is not responsible to any queried or rejected application after the commencement of the training.

    13.5 Training providers are required to keep the hardcopy of the application forms and supporting documents for inspection purposes.

    13.6 Training providers are responsible to ensure all trainees fulfill pre-requisite of the courses before information of the trainees to be keyed into the system.

    13.7 The class should only commenced after official approval is given by PSMB. PSMB will not responsible for any consequences/claims if the class start before the approval been given.

    13.8 Replacement of trainees is not allowed. As such, training providers are advised to only select committed trainees to be registered for the training.

    13.9 Training providers are also required to key in Session Plan for the particular class via online. The session plan is required for the purpose of monitoring and inspection by PSMB. The session plan must also in line with total training days and hours approved by PSMB. Once submitted, any changes in the Session Plan should be notify to PSMB three (3) working days before the commencement of training. Session plan submitted to PSMB need to take into account all public holidays and any additional holidays declared.

    13.10 The maximum number of trainees for each class is 25 participants. The combination of classes is strictly prohibited.

    13.11 Training providers need to ensure the number of trainees for each class is confirmed before the application to be submitted to PSMB. If the approval has been given for 20 trainees, training providers are not allowed to add additional trainees to maximise number of trainees in the class.

    13.12 Any cancellation of the approved class need to be informed to PSMB at least three (3) days before the training session. Once the training is cancelled, training providers need to submit a new application at least seven (7) days (working days) prior to the new date of the class.

    13.13 Employers/training providers must notify PSMB within three (3) days after withdrawal of the trainees by submitting Trainee Withdrawal Form (PSMB/SP-OC/2/16).


  2. 14.1 Training providers are not allowed to appoint or engage any outsource agents for the purpose to recruit participant under this programme. Training providers who found engage as agent; the registration under this programme will be terminated immediately.

    14.2 No extra charges are allowed to be to be imposed on trainees such as registration fee, exam and other additional training equipment.


  2. 15.1 The payment of course fee will be claimed by training providers as follows:
    30% upon completion of training together with the trainees allowance; and
    70% upon successful placement of the trainees.

    15.2 Training providers are required to attach relevant supporting documents to claim 30% of course fee and monthly allowance as follows:
    Claim Form (PSMB/SP-OC /T1/16);
    • Invoice;
    • Attendance Form (PSMB/SP-OC/4/16); and
    • Payment voucher for allowance (based on monthly basis and trainees’ attendance)

    15.3 Training providers are required to attach relevant supporting documents for 70% claim for balance payment of course fee as follows:
    Claim Form (PSMB/SP-OC /T1/16);
    • Invoice;
    • Offer letter from the hiring companies registered with HRDF;
    Job Placement Declaration Form (PSMB/SP-OC/5/16); and
    • Copy of Attendance Form (PSMB/SP-OC/4/16)

    15.4 Payment of course fee is subject to the trainee’s attendance as follows:
    a) Payment of 100% of training fee if the attendance of trainee is 80% and above;
    b) Payment of 50% of training fee if the attendance of trainee is between 50%-79%; and
    c) No payment of training fee if the attendance of trainee is below 50%.

    15.5 GST payments will be made based on registration number submitted. It is an offense if a claim is made without the GST registration number as stipulated in the Act 762, Goods and Services Tax Act 2014 under Section 90 “any person who cause or attempts to cause a refund under subsection 10(4), 17 (6), 18(4), 38 (3), 57 (1), 61 (1), 190 (2), or eligibility for relief under subsection 58 (1) to any person by the Director General for any amount in excess of the amount properly so refundable or relieved to him commits and offence and shall on conviction, be liable;-
    • To a fine not exceeding fifty thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to both; and
    • To a penalty of two times the amount refunded or entitled as a relief in excess of the amount properly or so entitled as a relief.

    15.6 Trainees are eligible for monthly allowance of maximum RM500/month or RM22.73/day based on training duration approved (22 days/month) and will be paid by training providers and reimburse by PSMB based on monthly basis and trainees’ attendance.

    15.7 Trainee attendance is compulsory and the monthly allowances shall be deducted for the number of training days were not attended by the trainee.

    15.8 Medical certificate (issued by a medical practioner) need to be submitted during the submission of training fees and monthly allowance. The monthly allowance shall not be paid without medical certificate.

    15.10 Training providers need to ensure that job placement of trainees is not within their company or group of companies.

    15.11 Payment of course fee will be made within 14 working days from the date PSMB received complete claim forms from training providers.

    15.12 Training providers must ensure the claim is submitted within three (3) months upon completion of training.

    15.13 Payment of course fee should cover notes, manual, reference books and professional examination fees; if any. Training providers are not allowed to charge any additional fee to the trainee in relation to training.

    15.14 If payment of course fee and allowance have been made due to false and misleading declaration provided by training providers, PSMB reserves the right to demand repayment from training providers whether wholly or partially together with other course of action which is to be decided by PSMB.


  2. 16.1 PSMB will conduct verification visit to training provider’s premise/ training venue to check on the compliance and attendance of trainees. During the verification visit by PSMB’s officers, training providers must give their fullest cooperation.

    16.2 Besides physical verification, PSMB also will conduct inspection through video conferencing as an alternative method. Training providers must ensure the equipment’s for video conferencing is made available in the training venue.

    16.3 During the verification visit, PSMB officers will check the attendance of the participants. If the participant is absent during the verification, PSMB officer will stamp as absent in the attendance form. The original stamped attendance form must be submitted during the claim submission.

    16.4 Training provider must ensure the staff capable of assisting the PSMB officers in charge during verification and always can be reachable through the mobile phone.

    16.5 Training provider must make sure all participants attend the class as per approval and monitor the attendance thoroughly.

    16.6 During verification, all related documents such as attendance form, approval letter from PSMB to be given to the officer for verification.

    16.7 Actions shall be taken to training providers who did not comply with the guideline. Show cause letter or warning letter will be issued to the training providers who did not comply with this guideline. Training providers will be blacklisted if the show cause letter or warning letter has been issued by PSMB more than three (3) times.


  4. 17.1 Training providers are also required to ensure a trainee is to complete the Tracer Study Form (PSMB/SP-OC/6/16), which is six (6) months after completion of the training under HRDF Outplacement Centre. This purpose of Tracer Study is to evaluate the effectiveness of this initiative.


  2. 18.1 PSMB may from time to time to change or amend the guideline. Training providers will be notified of any changes made with the objective to strengthen the implementation of the HRDF Outplacement Centre.

    18.2 For any enquiries regarding the training grant applications under this programme, training providers can liaise with officers at Special Project Division, Nazatul Asyirin Bt. Mohamad Najib at 03-2096 4921 / [email protected] and any questions regarding claims of fees and allowances may contact the Claims Unit Mr. Hafilus bin Mohammed Ali at 03-2096 4838 / [email protected]