Latest News on Retrenchment and News Release on Initiatives by PSMB

18 March 2018
Kesan perubahan dasar kepada ekonomi
SEORANG penduduk kampung tradisional di tengah-tengah rancangan Felda kelompok Chini di Pahang bertanya saya, kalau ekonomi stabil mengapakah harga barang-barang keperluan harian naik?... Satu pemerhatian yang tajam dan pertanyaan yang tepat. Saya tidak terkejut dengan hujahnya itu. Mitos bahawa orang kampung tradisional dan peneroka Felda adalah jahil dan tidak tahu apa-apa adalah tidak benar dan menghina. Daripada pergaulan saya dengan orang kampung tradisional dan peneroka Felda kebelakangan ini saya kadang-kadang berasa malu kerana mereka mengetahui lebih banyak tentang isu harian dan basahan daripada saya.
13 March 2018
Retrenched EIS contributors can claim up to 90% salary by February
LAID-OFF employees from Employment Insurance Scheme (EIS) registered firms could claim up to 90% of their last drawn monthly salary, should they get retrenched from February next year. The Social Security Organisation (Socso) chairman Tan Sri Dr Aseh Che Mat said the employees’ contributions will only reach maturity stage by next January. “As such, these employees will be benefitting from the matured package only by February next year. “Contributors who are retrenched within this year will be provided with interim benefits,” he told reporters in Petaling Jaya yesterday.
07 March 2018
HRDF mulls extending levy to include agriculture sector
KUALA LUMPUR: The Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) is mulling expanding the employers’ levy to include the agriculture sector as well as segments of the services sector that are not contributing to it currently. “Right now we are looking into how we can expand our coverage. This is still in discussion, so we will release the information as we firm up,” said the fund’s chief strategy officer Lim Kah Cheng (pix). “We want to see how we can make the fund accessible to more industries in the services and manufacturing sector.(As for the) manufacturing sector, they are supposed to register with us, as for services not all are registered with us. Agriculture is not under our First Schedule and right now we are exploring the idea of expanding the coverage ,” he added.
06 March 2018
Retrenchment can be tough, but it doesn’t mean the end of your career
Getting laid off can prove to be one of the toughest challenges anyone has to face, but it can also be an opportunity to learn. Here are some tips to help you move forward successfully Vent sensibly Many people tend to want to lash out at their now-former employer, or whoever is delivering the retrenchment message, but this is a very bad idea. No one knows what the future holds, so burning bridges is never an option, no matter the circumstances.
22 February 2018
Training levy may impede business growth
Imposing the Human Resource Development (HRD) levy to all industries will not be practical and may impinge competitiveness of Malaysian companies, said the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF). MEF ED Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan (picture) said the federation opposes the proposed plan by the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) to impose the levy on all economic sectors in the country, saying that the move is not viable to employers of some 73% small and medium enterprises (SMEs). “If the government make things more difficult, SMEs might want to shut down, thinking of the hassles that they will have to go through in doing business,” he said. Shamsuddin said the government should make it easier for the local industry, particularly SMEs, to run their businesses, instead of adding more financial constraints to the sector.
20 February 2018
Ekonomi Malaysia lebih sihat
KUALA LUMPUR 19 Feb. - Peningkatan Keluaran Da­lam Negara Kasar (KDNK) Malaysia menunjukkan trend yang mana ekonomi semakin sihat, dengan pertumbuhan menjadi lebih meluas di semua sektor di tengah-tengah trajektori yang kukuh. “Sekiranya sebelum ini, sektor ekonomi yang mengalami momentum mantap di sekitar pembuatan berorientasikan eksport, limpahan daripa­da trend itu kini menjadi lebih kukuh di sektor lain,” kata Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).
 Ekonomi negara berkembang 5.9 peratus pada 2017, yang lebih tinggi daripada 4.2 peratus dan 5.0 peratus yang masing-masing dicatatkan pada 2016 dan 2015.
 BNM berkata, data itu menunjukkan kenaikan pendapatan dan pekerjaan merentasi pergerakan ekonomi yang lebih meluas.
19 February 2018
SIP lindungi pencarum hilang kerja - Berita Harian
Pekerja aset penting yang menjadi tulang belakang dalam pembangunan negara. Menyedari hal ini, kerajaan mengambil langkah proaktif melindungi kepentingan golongan terbabit, terutama dalam mempersiapkan mereka ke arah Revolusi Industri 4.0 (RI 4.0), apabila peralihan automasi dan teknologi baharu dijangka menyaksikan ramai kehilangan pekerjaan. Justeru, pelaksanaan Sistem Insurans Pekerjaan (SIP) oleh Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial (PERKESO) berkuat kuasa 1 Januari lalu adalah satu inisiatif jangka panjang yang akan memberi kesan positif terutama kepada pekerja swasta dan majikan dalam berdepan kemungkinan berkenaan.
22 January 2018
Auto sector to offer 30,000 jobs in 2018, group says - Malay Mail Online
KUALA LUMPUR, JAN 22 — The Malaysian Automotive Institution (MAI) forecasts a whopping 30,000 job openings in the sector this year, with over a quarter for skilled labour. Its chief executive officer, Datuk Madani Sahari said the demand for skilled workers is expected at 31 per cent of the 29,641 jobs, higher than the 27,175 jobs created last year and the 25,850 created in 2016. “One of the thrusts of the national Automotive Policy 2014 is the enhancement of human resource capabilities to meet industry needs,” he told New Straits Times in a report published today.
06 January 2018
Pemberhentian kerja: Perlu pelarasan latihan semula - MPN
KUALA LUMPUR: Isu pemberhentian kerja di negara ini bukanlah sesuatu yang kritikal apabila ia dilihat masih lagi terkawal dengan kadar pertubuhan ekonomi negara terus meningkat setiap tahun. Presiden dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif, Majlis Profesor Negara (MPN), Prof Datuk Dr Raduan Che Rose ia susulan perubahan industri daripada intensif pekerja kepada intensif modal.
28 December 2017
Finding work after redundancy in your 40s: tips for success
Feeling over-qualified and outdated? Getting back into the jobs market post-40 can be challenging after redundancy Some see redundancy as an opportunity for career reflection and possible change of direction. But often the reality is that getting back in the jobs market post-40 can be a challenge.
16 December 2017
Company finalising payment for workers - The Start Online
KUANTAN: Kinsteel Berhad is still in the midst of finalising the outstanding salary payment for its retrenched workers here. Its chief executive officer Datuk Henry Pheng Chin Guan said the company was currently computing the final payment and negotiating with the workers’ union representative. He said this in response to the incident where more than 80 former Kinsteel workers held a picket in front of the plant in Gebeng here to demand for their remaining salary payment.
27 November 2017
Employers cannot retrench their workers at will - Malaysia Kini
LETTER | With the worldwide economic slowdown, several companies and organisations have no choice but to cut back and downsize their business. As such, retrenchment has become a major issue in the country. The impact of retrenchment for the employee especially those who have worked and served for many years can be disastrous as it not only impacts the individual worker but also their dependents and families. With the current economic landscape and high competition which come from both local and foreign workers in the country, it is also tougher for most to seek for new jobs.
05 November 2017
Think like tech companies
WHAT do Alibaba’s Jack Ma, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Laurene Powell Jobs have in common? The three investors have bucked the trend by buying into the legacy newspaper and publishing business despite the bearish outlook of the sector, with some detractors arguing that print is dying or dead. Ma bought into South China Morning Post (SCMP), the 114-year-old English-language newspaper, in late 2015, raising eyebrows over why his China e-commerce giant was investing in a traditional print business, which others have shunned.
04 November 2017
Mental health support lacking at workplace - The Malaysian Insight
TOO few Malaysian employers are investing in workplace initiatives to support mental health, as the increasing number of psychiatric patients in recent years threatens national productivity and their quality of life. Head of Selayang Hospital’s Psychiatric Department Dr Toh Chin Lee said out of the more than 5,000 registered companies in Malaysia, including several multinational corporations (MNC), only a handful have taken a proactive approach in creating a workplace environment that helps promote positive mental health.
30 October 2017
5 Giant Supermarket Outlets To Close Down In M'sia, No Decision Yet On Fate Of Affected Staff
Rumours have been circulating on social media since earlier this about several Giant supermarket outlets that are expected to close down by early November. Yesterday, Giant brand owner GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd issued a statement confirming the closures and said it will cease operations of the following Giant stores upon expiration of their respective leases: • Giant Sri Manjung (Perak) • Giant Sungai Petani (Kedah) • Giant Shah Alam City Centre (Selangor) • Giant Selayang Lama (Selangor) • Giant Sibu (Sarawak) The statement explained that the move to close down the stores was made after it reviewed its operations and the decision taken was to “relook our operations to increase effectiveness and productivity”, the company was quoted in a The Malaysian Insight (TMI) report.
27 October 2017
Five Giant Outlets To Shut Down By 5 November
The closures were confirmed by GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd yesterday, 26 October. The group is the operator and owner of Giant. GCH said that these outlets have reached the end of its lease term at these premises. "The group said it has reviewed its operations and the decision was made to improve efficiencies and productivity," The Sun Daily reported.
08 October 2017
Aeon: We're not closing down Quill City Mall outlet - The Sun Daily
PETALING JAYA: Aeon Co (M) Bhd has refuted market talk of an impending closure of its outlet at Quill City Mall in Kuala Lumpur, which has underperformed its peers in the challenging market environment. In an email reply to SunBiz, Aeon said it is in the midst of refurbishing and upgrading its existing malls and stores while expanding its customer experience throughout the country by setting up new malls, with the latest being the one in Bandar Dato’ Onn, Johor Baru. “For the moment, we do not have any plans to close down any of our operations including Quill City. We believe in the importance of growing our brand irrespective of the uncertain economic situation as we are committed in offering continuous customer experience,” Aeon noted.
18 September 2017
Toys 'R' Us Employees In The Dark About Their Future -
KUALA LUMPUR: The fate of Toys ‘R’ Us employees in Malaysia is in limbo as they have not received any notification about change in their employment. Amidst report by Reuters, the toy retailer could file for bankruptcy in the coming weeks. The employees, when contacted by the New Straits Times, said they were not given any notice by their superiors on the corporate development. Store supervisor who wanted to be known as Qeela said she heard rumours among her colleagues but she was not sure. “The rumours about the store closure has been going on for weeks. Since there is no official notice yet, I will continue my work as usual,” she said.
16 September 2017
Petronas denies it plans to lay off 5,000 employees in 2018
Petronas today denied an allegation made by a blogger saying that it planned to terminate 5,000 employees next year in what was claimed as another round of “staff reduction” exercise, group-wide. In a statement, the national oil giant company said it “categorically denied” such an allegation made by blogger Syed Akbar Ali on his OutSyed the Box site.
09 September 2017
Making digital their business- The Star
CHECKING our smartphones first thing in the morning has become a habit for many of us. This simple action shows how the digital era has changed the very fabric of society and the way we live, and businesses are no exception. Pointing this out, Eco World Development Group Bhd image: president and chief executive officer Datuk Chang Khim Wah got participants thinking at the Star SMEBiz Think Tank when he delivered his keynote address about value creation in the digital age.